TRAMS - Back Office Accounting System


Founded in 1986, TRAMS, Inc. develops and supports software for retail travel agencies in the United States and worldwide. Our software helps travel agency owners and employees become more efficient and productive. TRAMS, Inc. is the leader in providing such technologies with over 11,000 travel agency locations currently using our products.

ELTIV has been utilizing the benefits of TRAMS from its early days. TRAMS provides ELTIV's accounting and management team with a robust financial and accounting management tool with additional features to enhance its reporting capabilities.

Hi-Mark Software - TravelMan®

Hi-Mark Software is the leading software development and consulting company specializing in information management, data analysis, data consolidation and e-reporting.

The core component of the Hi-Mark Suite is a production and ad-hoc query tool to analyze data and produce reports for distribution and analysis. TravelMan® is our Business Intelligence solution for delivering a complete Enterprise Performance reporting and analysis environment for traditional data sources and e-Business applications. TravelMan® gives decision-makers inside and outside of our client organization access to critical information to improve enterprise performance. Explore and analyze data from any angle, in any combination-to quickly identify factors that are not readily found using other methods of analysis. This unmatched access to vital enterprise information creates more intelligent workers throughout the organization.

TravelMan® turns data into essential business information. TravelMan® incorporates easy to use functionality to perform complicated tasks such as ranking, nested ranking and query on a query. Reports can be produced as spreadsheets, text files or as an OLAP decision cube, permitting recipient's different views as they change multiple dimensions and drill in on specific criteria.