The ELTIV Advantage


Why is Eltiv’s product superior to that of most corporate travel agencies?

We value YOUR money as if it was OURS.
We see YOUR employees as if they are OUR most important clients.

We strive to provide the complete business image to your financial and management team.

In order to do so we employ the following two strategies:

ELTIV’s customer service is one of its most important features. We invest time and money in training our agents. ELTIV’s agents experience averages 15 years. Agents with experience exceeding 10 years are considered a senior agent. We allocate such senior agents to each of our travel desk so that your clients are enjoying a higher level of experience and familiarity with the travel world.

In-house employees operate ELTIV’s 24 hours emergency travel desk. We realized long ago that consistency of service is an important feature and as such we have implemented our own 24 hours desk. Your employees can enjoy a round the clock coverage by experience agents who have access to any reservation done through ELTIV.

Accounting and management support is available at no additional cost. TRAMS and Hi-Mark, two industry standards, power our advance accounting and reporting software. At any given time ELTIV’s account support team will provide a helping hand in contract negotiation as well as provide support materials to enhance your negotiating power.

> ELTIV’s approach to cost savings is a thorough one.
> We conduct a multilayer analysis in order to find the absolute lowest price available for our clients.
> We approach every travel request through a procedure that is customized to adhere to every client's travel policy.
> We examine pricing via review of:
Available web fares via ELTIV’s GDS (established through contracts with the carriers)
Consolidator Fares: We review our network of consolidators to find if any advantageous fares are available for our clients.
Corporate Contract Fares: We review existing client contracts as well as ELTIV’s unique contracts.
Instrumental Routing: ELTIV will offer alternative routes, within the clients travel policy, to maximize savings.

ELTIV, just like our slogan " We go the distance for YOU! " is going the extra mile for our clients. In addition to the plain vanilla fare