About Us



Established in 1992, ELTIV is a leader in the travel industry for over fifteen years. Our offices are located in the vicinity of major business and travel markets: Boston, New Jersey, Missouri, and Florida. We also have several on-site operations located mainly in California. ELTIV conducts services around the clock. Owned and operated by a 25 years veteran in the travel industry ELTIV never feels like a distant provider. We have developed and improved management accessibility so when in times of need your travel manager will know how to reach us.



We are proud to be known for our extraordinary service and ability to provide our clients with top level, cost effective travel solutions. Due to our tremendous travel experience and our close relationship with airlines we are able to demand and receive the lowest fares for our clients... From simple air or land accommodations to complex multiple city reservation, ELTIV will leverage its industry ties to service you above and beyond your expectations. Our creative approach to routing and itinerary creation is guaranteed to generate tremendous savings for you. Our track record shows that on average we save our clients approximately 30% of their travel budget.



For our corporate clientele, ELTIV Travel is pleased to offer the most cost effective and reliable corporate travel solutions from providing standard services such as air and land accommodations to complex corporate functions such as conferences and meetings.
ELTIV is serving a variety of corporations from garment manufacturers to high tech ventures. All of our clients recognize ELTIV's cutting edge approach to travel. We are your business partners in providing a complete hassle free solution to your accounting, travel management and travel regulation departments.