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Welcome to ELTIVE Travel

At ELTIV we believe that by providing our clients with a managed corporate travel solution we are obligated to stand by them and their travelers. ELTIV Travel offers superior service from booking the reservation, through traveling to worldwide destinations. Our standards of service are outstanding by any measure... "We go the distance for YOU" is not just a slogan but also ELTIV Travel’s way of doing business!


Our Pledge
  • ELTIV will provide its clients with superior service 24 hours 7 days per week.
  • ELTIV will not be undersold when booking last minute fares!
  • ELTIV will employ its diligent analysis model on every booking above $400.00.
  • ELTIV will utilize every resource to save money including wholesalers & consolidators.
  • ELTIV will charge a transaction fee only! We charge a fee only when a client purchases a ticket. We do not charge management or contract initiation fees.
  • We encourage our clients to check our pricing and compare overall value with any competitor in the market including web sites and major travel companies.
  • ELTIV will never force a client to sign a contract or any other time / quota conditioned obligation.